Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Track Loaders are Jobsite Gems

Every Jobsite Needs a JCB Skid Steer

A skid steer is a piece of equipment that can be seen on almost any jobsite and is often the go-to job site workhorse. This type of heavy equipment is available with a track or wheels. Its compact size makes it a popular machine in smaller work projects and locations. Skid steers are often used in high traffic areas.

The JCB Skid Steer Loader

No matter what your project is, you can find the most efficient skid steer for you. JCB revolutionized the Skid Steer Loader market with the Single-Arm JCB Powerboom™ and side-door entry. The result is the world’s safest skid steer, with a significantly larger cab, 60 percent better visibility and 21 percent increase in productivity.

This piece of equipment is capable of many different jobs including dozing, grading, digging, lifting and transporting materials around site. They are also a great machine for snow removal.

The small size and maneuverability make it an efficient tool for projects in smaller work areas with limited space. Since the skid steer has so many options, and works well in tough terrain, it’s the perfect piece of equipment to keep a project moving.

The JCB Compact Track Loader

Featuring the iconic, single-arm JCB Powerboom™ and side-door entry, JCB compact track loaders are stronger and safer than conventional twin-arm machines and deliver the power and performance you need. JCB offers five compact track loader models to choose from. Here’s what sets JCB apart from the competition:

•74 hp JCB EcoMAX engines require no DEF, no DPF and no engine aftertreatment

• Rated operating capacities from 2,143 lbs. to 3,201 lbs.

• The JCB Powerboom™, with up to 20 percent more steel than twin-arm designs

• 60 percent better visibility than competitor machines

Attachments for Skid Steers

Different kinds of attachments help to diversify the capabilities of the equipment. For spring, summer, winter, or fall, job-specific attachments can help increase productivity and add a level of efficiency in all kinds of project types. JCB offers a wide range of attachments, including buckets, hooks, augers and grabbers, to tackle any job.

Skid Steer Attachments for Material Moving and Clearing

Moving material is the main job of a skid steer. Smooth buckets make it easy to move soil or other materials. It is faster and easier than doing so by hand and adds a level of efficiency to any job. A dozer blade attachment can be added to a skid steer to help with landscape grading and pushing heavy loads. If the job is too small for a dozer, then the skid steer can fill that gap.

Skid Steer Attachments for Grabbing

Available in many shapes and sizes, grapplers feature retractable claws for gripping and grabbing. Mainly used in construction sites for moving larger objects and debris, landscapers and farmers can also make use of this attachment for pulling stumps and carrying logs.

Skid Steer Attachments for Snow Clearing

Skid steer loaders are perfect for snow removal. Snow shovel and snow blade attachments make snow removal fast and efficient. Steel rotating augers make plowing through deep-packed snow easy. JCB offers greater visibility so operators can see precisely where the bucket is going, for clear parking lots and narrow areas with ease.

Other Attachments for Skid Steers

JCB also offers attachments with forks, concrete breakers, auger drills, tillers and mowers. Difficult jobs are no match for a JCB skid steer.

When to Use a Wheeled Skid Steer

Wheels work best for even ground. When moving over hard terrain or finished concrete, wheels are much better fitted than a track. Wheeled skid steers also cost less to maintain.

Wheels in general cost less money and they are more fuel-efficient. They generally require less maintenance and do not break as easily. It is much easier to clean the undercarriage of a wheeled skid steer than a tracked one meaning that preventative care is easier to maintain.

When to Use a Tracked Skid Steer

A tracked machine is better for challenging terrain types. Rock, mud and sand are easy to maneuver over with the powerful track. They were built to master uneven terrain and slopes since they disperse their weight across the tracks instead of isolating it to four wheels. If the job is going to be muddy and messy, choosing a tracked skid steer will help keep efficiency and productivity up since it won’t impact the effectiveness of the equipment.

Burns JCB can assist in choosing the right equipment for the job. Once you try a JCB, you’ll see why our customers love how they make their job faster and easier. For a quote or a demo, give Steve Huml a call today at 330-414-5417.